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Reminder | HOME, NHTF, & Other HUD-CPD Income Limits Effective June 15, 2023

home income limits nhtf Jun 14, 2023
The HUD-CPD 2023 income limits for several programs, including HOME, CDBG, HOPWA, NHTF, and NSP are effective 06/15/2023.
See the original announcement and links to the income/rent limits, the HUD CPD income calculator, and how to sign up for the HUD CPD listserve HERE
Important Note: Although limits went up in most areas in 2023, if you are in an area where they decreased, the new rents must be in place by the effective date to avoid noncompliance, NOT at the end of a tenant's lease. Make any needed adjustments today!
Note: HUD Multi-family and MTSP (Tax Credit and Tax-Exempt Bond) limits are not covered by these limits. These limits were released earlier, as announced HERE.

Check it out HERE! The above topic is just one of many to be discussed at this year's Compliance Summit Events. 


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