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Quiz | Military Pay and HOTMA

hotma income calculations Dec 27, 2023
HOTMA will affect how we count income for military personnel and veterans. This quiz tests the details.

1. Veterans' regular aid and attendance payments are excluded.

True or False 

2. A veteran receives $1,200 a month, of which $200 are delayed benefits. How much of this income is counted?

A. $1,200

B. $1,000

C. $200

D. $0

3. A person on active duty receives $4,000 monthly total from the military. This includes $225 hazardous duty pay. A total of $3,775 is counted, which is the total payment less the excluded hazardous duty payment. 

True or False 

4. Military pay stubs are called leave and earnings statements. How many pay stubs are required, minimum, to verify income?


5. A person with power of attorney can likely provide needed paperwork and signatures for a person in affordable housing who is absent because they are on active duty.  

True or False 

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