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Quiz | VAWA 2022

fair housing quiz vawa Aug 30, 2023

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was reauthorized in 2022, as announced HERE. In this quiz, we explore VAWA rules, enhanced with 2023 updates.

1. During the time when VAWA was not authorized by Congress, owners/agents rightly stopped following VAWA rules.

True or False

2. VAWA prohibits police from carrying out "nuisance rules" when victims and others repeatedly report crimes committed.  

True or False

3.  The ________ decides how to document a victim's status as a victim of VAWA violence.

Victim of violence or Owner/agent

4. The same financial penalties that apply to Fair Housing now also apply to VAWA noncompliance. 

True or False

5. An owner/agent cannot be charged penalties under Fair Housing and also be charged under VAWA for the same noncompliant action.

True or False

5. Which federal agency investigates VAWA complaints?

IRS General Counsel | HUD Multifamily Housing | HUD Fair Housing | The VAWA Compliance Board

6. An owner/agent must never request verification from a third party and must always accept self-certification to document a victim's status.

True or False

Click for Answers

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