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Quick Tips | LIHTC Property Facts From HUD

lihtc quick tips Nov 15, 2023

Facts | HUD collects data about each LIHTC building in the country. This includes dates of allocation, placed in service dates, other funding sources used, and many, many other factors. This can be useful to developers or for other housing professionals who are interested in LIHTC statistical analysis. 

Implications | How many LIHTC properties are also HOME Funded in the country? How about in your area? Is there a need for 1 bedroom units in your area? How about 4+ units? This system allows selective access to data from HUD's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database. Data output is in either easy-to-read HTML tables, or a comma-delimited text file suitable for further analysis with spreadsheet, database, or statistical software. 

Resource | HUD makes the database available HERE. Data are now available for projects placed in service through 2021. Data for properties placed in service in 2022 will be collected in the fall of 2023 and added to this database in the spring of 2024.

Bonus: The entire database can be downloaded and manipulated as a spreadsheet. 

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