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Q & A | Where Can I Find RD Income Limits? Are They Effective When HUD Publishes Their Limits?

income limits q & a rural development Dec 15, 2021


Question from a Blog Reader

"Where can I find income limits for the Rural Development housing programs? Since they are based on HUD income limits, can I just use HUD's once they are released?"


Summary: No, we must wait for RD to release their limits and implement them with a different effective date than HUD.

While RD limits are based on HUD very-low (50%) and low-income (80%) limits, some of the RD programs also have the unique moderate level (80% + $5,500). RD crunches the numbers and publishes all of their limits at a time later than HUD. Taking one recent year as an example, most of the 2021 HUD income limits were released and effective on 4/1/2021, while RD published theirs later, effective 5/12/2021.

The current RD limits are found HERE. Enjoy!

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