• It’s your job to ensure that you comply with the complex regulations of government-financed housing.
  • As an engaged housing professional, you want to succeed and avoid loss of funding and the displacement of households.

    There is so much paper...and math!

It is a LOT!

Costello University is here to help you succeed!

We empower housing staff through targeted education based on decades of experience designed and delivered by those who actually still do the work every day! 

You need a framework for building an outstanding compliance system that allows you to move ahead with confidence!

With decades of up-to-date experience, we provide that!

Announcing a New Series of Courses

Our course series on Qualifying Households will help you to confidently navigate the complexities of different housing programs.

HUD | Tax Credits | HOME | Rural Development

Learn at your own pace

Check your progress with assessments at each step of the way.

Interactive courses filled with hands-on exercises that will empower you to apply what you learn right away.

You’ll be provided with a toolbox with the resources you’ll need from government websites.

Some features:

Over 5 hours of Video-based lessons with multiple experienced educators, perfect for the YouTube age.

✔ On-screen animations, flowcharts, and other teaching tools.

Knowledge check quizzes with responsive feedback.

✔ Infoboxes built into each video to highlight the key points and facilitate note-taking.

Links to key government documents and other useful documents.