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Q & A | Where do I Find Rural Development Income Limits?

income limits news q & a rural development Jun 17, 2021

Question from a Blog Reader

"I cannot find the Rural Development income limits? Have they been released for 2021?"


Summary: Yes, the 2021 RD limits are out.

USDA/Rural Development has released the 2021 multi-family income limits. The RD limits can be accessed by clicking your state on the map HERE.

Important notes | Although RD uses the same VERY LOW and LOW INCOME limits used by HUD multi-family housing programs, the MODERATE INCOME limits are calculated uniquely by RD. Also, MTSP (Tax Credit and Tax-Exempt Bond) and HOME limits are not covered by these limits. MTSP limits were released earlier, as announced HERE. HOME limits were provided a bit later, HERE. Unlike the MTSP limits, RD income limits do not hold harmless and RD limits may decrease in a year like this when limits go down over much of the country.  

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