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Quick Tips | Time-Related Calculations

quick tips verifications Aug 16, 2023

Facts | Good housing compliance professionals are very date-conscious. For example, for the LIHTC program, 120 days occur in the rules several times. Verifications are good for 120 days, the deadline to certify in-place households is 120 days, and the income test needed when credits are deferred is also for households who moved in more than 120 days before the start of credits. For Rural Development, the verification lifespan is 90 days but can be extended for another 90 days with phone confirmation. HOME verifications live for 6 months. HUD also has a lot of date-related rules. These can change (for example, verification may no longer be valid if a household move-in is delayed beyond the 120-day lifespan of the verification).    

Implication | Tracking dates and calculating specific timelines is a vital part of a housing professional's job.  

Resource | The website has the stated goal of providing free online services to make it easier to organize people's lives, both at work and at home. For housing professionals at work, it provides many ways to track and calculate date-related timeframes and maintain compliance. The calculator "What Date is it in X Days?" is particularly helpful. The website is found HERE.

Bonus: You know how many years you have been alive, but exactly how many days or months? On a break, take some time and find out for a bit of fun! 

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