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Quick Tips | HUD Area Median Income Limits

hud income limits quick tips Sep 20, 2023

Facts | In May's Quick Tips, we discussed the MTSP income limits used by the LIHTC and tax-exempt bond programs. These are more complex than the area median income limits used by HUD Multifamily programs like Section 8 or section 202. For instance, these do not hold harmless.  

Implications | We cannot just go to the MTSP income limit website and use them for HUD Multifamily programs. HUD publishes area median income limits on a separate webpage for those programs.

Resources | The HUD area median income limit website is HERE. Note that these are used for HUD Multifamily programs, but not HOME, NHTF, or other programs monitored by HUD's block grant branch, HUD CPD. These are released on a separate website a few months after the HUD and MTSP limits. 

Bonus: the MTSP income limits used for LIHTC and tax-exempt bonds can also be accessed by links provided on this website. 

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