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News | 2022 HUD & Tax Credit Income Limits Are Out! Also a Bonus Tax Credit Tool!

hud income limits lihtc tax-exempt bonds Apr 19, 2022

HUD has released the 2022 income limits for their programs and the tax credit/bond programs. They are effective 04/18/2022.

Please note: the HOME, CDBG, NSP, and HTF programs are not covered by these limits. These are published by HUD-CPD and generally follow in a month or two. Similarly, Rural Development programs have limits based on HUD's limits but are effective at a different time. Watch this space for those announcements.

The 2022 HUD AMI limits are HERE

The 2022 MTSP limits are HERE

Please see this BLOG POST for a review of how to select the correct income limits for your LIHTC properties.


How do we know if HERA Special, National Nonmetropolitan Rural or held harmless limits apply to our tax credit properties?

A helpful tool to assist in selecting tax credit limits is below.

Check it out HEREThe above topic is just one of many to be discussed at this year's Compliance Summit Events. 

There is a very good chance that the topic of this post is covered in an online on-demand course at Costello University.


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