Quiz 10/09/2018: HTF vs HOME - Part 2

October 9, 2018

We recently updated our Multiple-Programs Guide and training courses to include provisions for the Housing Trust Fund (HTF). HTF shares many provisions with HOME, but also has some key differences. This quiz explores these. Note: questions 1 - 4 can be found in the last quiz.


  5. HTF and HOME are both monitored by HUD-CPD

     True or False

  6. HTF requires source documentation every year, unlike HOME, which allows self-certification other years than each 6th year of the affordability period.

     True or False

  7. If tenancy is terminated for good cause, 30 days's notice must always be given for HTF, like HOME. Also like HOME, the only exception is when an eviction is because of an imminently physically dangerous situation. 

      True or False

  8. Over-income HTF units are handled similarly to HOME, depending on if the project has fixed or floating HTF units, except HTF does not charge rent based on adjusted income. 

      True or False

  CLICK HERE for answers to this week's quiz


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