Quiz 01/08/2018: Foster Household Members

1. Four people apply for a unit. Two of them are foster children and one is a foster adult. Which income limit is used?

A) One-person

B) Two-person

C) Three-person

D) Four-person

2. The foster children get social security benefits. These are income to the family.

True or False

3. Now that the foster children are counted for income limits (see question 1) and the earned income exclusion (question 2), they are eligible for the $480 dependent deduction for HUD and RD rent calculation purposes.

True or False

4. The head of the household receives foster care assistance payments in return for providing foster care to the three foster members. What is the amount of these payments that is counted as income annually?

A) $0

B) $480 a year

C) $1,440 ($480 a year x 3 fosters)

D) All of the payments received.

CLICK HERE for answers to this week's quiz

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