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Topics for Discussion

Note: the exact final agenda is in development to allow for emerging issues

All sessions assume attendees' working knowledge of affordable housing compliance principles and emphasize practical application and discussion among advanced practitioners

‚ÄčSome Potential Topics To Be Covered

  • HOTMA, HOTMA, and More HOTMA! | This is in the process of changing everything and many topics will include HOTMA, as appropriate. By the time of the Summit, actual practical experience with HOTMA will exist, and our experts will share all we know.¬†

  • An NSPIREd Change | How does the new protocol for inspection that will affect most of affordable housing work? How can you prepare effectively to live in an NSPIRE world?¬† We will answer these questions and more!

  • Past, Present, and Future - Surveying the Compliance Landscape |¬†We stand in the post-COVID, in-process NSPIRE, and HOTMA world. A discussion with a state HFA and other industry experts will help us navigate what is coming, informed by the past. Understanding a few remaining COVID compliance reliefs and other relevant developments will also be discussed.

    Other potential topics: Emerging results on HUD's new VAWA monitoring systems, a legislative update on the AHCIA and other affordable housing Acts.

  • Passing the Average Income Test - Year 5 | How to build a checklist to ensure success while implementing the Average Income Test for owner/agents and state HFAs. With the newest regulatory updates.

  • Fair Housing - a Worthy Goal as Well as The Law |¬† Understanding the significant increase in complaints since the pandemic and how management and state monitors can constructively address this in their portfolios.¬†

  • Compliance by the Book¬†|¬†Developing effective policies & manuals using an NCSHA award-winning system. For state HFAs and owners/agents.

  • The More the Merrier | an updated framework for assuring multiple program compliance

    • including new coverage of HOME ARP, RAD, national HTF, Section 811, and other emerging programs,¬†

  • Maintaining I.R.S. Compliance¬†|¬†HOW will HOTMA relate to 8823 Guide provisions familiar to LIHTC professionals? Over-income households...overcharged rents...casualty loss...Oh my! Understanding non-compliance and practical strategies to address it. Note: the I.R.S does not stand for what you may think it does!

  • Interactive Discussions |¬†Games, knowledge checks, quizzes, "action plan" reviews

  • Discuss whatever you want at the evening networking reception!

...and much more...


Online Supplements

The Summit has many online features!

Starting immediately after the Summit, all registrants will receive access to the Summit Membership website for a full year. The membership sites include a growing catalog of material specifically designed to support each session of the Summit events. This is hosted on the online on-demand learning platform, Costello University.


  • Handouts

  • Video courses

  • Audio lessons

  • Quizzes

  • Charts

  • Articles

  • Discussion boards 

  • and more...

Screenshot of the 2021 Summit Membership Website

Regular Summit Extension Webinars

  • When big breaking news occurs!
  • Some of the topics we have covered at Summit Extensions:
    • COVID relief Notices
    • The proposed Average Income Test regulation
    • The Emergency Rental Assistance Program
    • Casualty Loss
    • The final AIT Regulation
    • HOTMA
  • Open Q&As allowed at each
Behind the scenes at the Dec 2020 Extension webinar hosted by Summit co-founders Scott Michael Dunn, Matt Rayburn, and Thomas Stagg.
The topic: the AIT proposed regulation

Some of the Discussion Leaders / Summit Contributors

Based on past participation. This year's participants will be announced later. Click on an image for bios, LinkedIn page, or company website.


This year's sponsors to be announced in early 2024


A Short History of the Compliance Summit

In retrospect, perhaps my worst investment in 2019 was a 2020 planner!

- Scott Michael Dunn

After months of planning, in January of 2020, we signed the contracts for the September 2020 Compliance Summit to be held in a gorgeous venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. I think the news playing in the background as I signed may have been discussing something called COVID-19 that they thought might be a bit of a problem. Well...COVID happened, the in-person Summit did not.

Actually, the 2020 Summit did happen, it just morphed into a 9-hour virtual edition with hours of supplemental information on Costello University. There were great presentations by my good friends Matt Rayburn, Thomas Stagg, Jen Brewerton, Amanda Lee Gross, Stephanie Naquin, and Michelle Sites. Additionally, there was an amazing video series crafted by the talented  Wed Daniel that provided a real practical mental framework for dealing with difficult circumstances - timely indeed! Finally, no one can forget the inspirational interview with Grace Robertson, a former IRS analysis who was crucial in the formation of the Section 42 program we know today. It provided a valuable historical perspective of the tax credit housing program but also had important things to say about leadership and influence. 

Besides the educational and inspirational content, there was a game show, Zoom receptions, fellowship, and encouragement. It was an important break and all left more committed than ever to the important housing we provide. THEN we met again for periodic Extension webinars with important updates on the Average Income Test, the Emergency Rental Assistant programs, and Casualty Loss. Each Summit Extension also included open Q & A. 

We finally did meet in Scottsdale (with a virtual option) in September of 2021 and again in August of 2022. All of the above players again contributed, and some new ones - including Juan Bello, Renee Dickinson, Holly Hoffman, and my dear friend Amanda Lee Gross. We moved the Summit to the beautiful Margaritaville resort in Hollywood Beach, Miami Florida in 2023 and will return there in 2024.  Since 2021, we have also offered the highly specialized Compliance Professionals Intensive Day as a bundle with the Summit. These Events, developed by state HFA and owner/agent management compliance professionals, focus on  HOW to be effective housing compliance professionals.

Overall, the Summit events have provided over 90 hours and counting of education, networking, and encouragement! All of this has been enjoyed by almost 400 Summit attendees and many more in replay format since. Also, it is not over - there are at least two Extension webinar sessions to go before the 2024 Summit in October!

 It has been a long journey, but I look forward to seeing you all in October, whether in person or online, for our fifth annual Summit! For 2023 Summit members, we will also continue to offer supplemental virtual sessions until the 2024 Summit!



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