How to Find the National Non-metro Limits

Question from a Blog Reader "I appreciated your Blog post letting us know that the 2019 MTSP income limits were released. I loved the chart you provided to help select the correct MTSP income limits! However, as always, I am having trouble locating the National Non-metro income limits. Can you please help me to locate them?" Answer They are found on the FAQ page HERE. They can also be downloaded as a PDF directly HERE. The 50% National Non-metro limits are found in the answer on the last page. NOTE: These can be converted to 60% limits by multiplying each 50% limit by 1.2

2019 HUD & Tax Credit Income Limits Are Out! Also a Bonus Tax Credit Tool!

HUD has released the 2019 income limits for their programs and the tax credit/bond programs. They are effective 04/24/2019. Please note: the HOME, CDBG, NSP, and HTF programs are not covered by these limits. Those generally follow in a month or two. Watch this space for that announcement. The 2019 HUD AMI limits are HERE The 2019 MTSP limits are HERE Bonus! How do we know if HERA Special, National Nonmetropolitan Rural or held harmless limits apply to our tax credit properties? Helpful tool to assist selecting tax credit limits HERE

Can States Delay Implementation of the New Intensive Tax Credit Compliance Monitoring Rules?

As previously reported in this Blog, analysis of the new 2019 tax credit compliance monitoring rules makes it clear that a large number of tax credit properties will have many MORE units inspected by state agencies than in the past. The National Council of State Agencies in their recent Washington Report have conveyed some welcome news (below). "While the final regulations are technically effective as of their publication, IRS has confirmed to NCSHA that states may continue to use the compliance monitoring protocol under Revenue Procedure 2016-15 until they update their QAPs to reflect the new requirements or until December 31, 2020, at the latest." As expected, after consideration of the da

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