Quiz 02/19/2018: Military Household Members

1. If a military household member receives hazardous duty pay, this pay is included as income. True or False 2. What document should be requested to verify income for persons in the military? 3. A grandparent living in a unit is caring for their grandchild because the parent of the child is stationed out of the country on active military duty. Both the absent adult and their child must be counted as household members, and their income added to the grandparent's income. True or False 4. Veteran members of a household who are students are an allowed exception to the HUD/RD/HOME student rule. True or False 5. Veteran members of a household who are students are an allowed exception to the tax cr

Quiz 02/05/2018: Fair Housing Accommodations & Advertising

1. To ensure consistency, when a resident or applicant requests a reasonable accommodation, verification of the requester's disability must always be obtained. True or False 2. How does a property owned by an entity whose legal name contains a religious reference (example: St. Martin Lutheran Housing) avoid discrimination when advertising? 3. Affordable housing income limits apply to a disabled person even if they request a reasonable accommodation to the limits. True or False CLICK HERE for answers to this week's quiz

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