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Announcing our next run of the "Achieve Success" Training Series.

A Unique Weekly Online On-Demand/Live Training Hybrid System!

Years in development | The best of both training worlds!
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Costello University is here to help you succeed!

We empower housing staff through targeted education designed and delivered by housing professionals with decades of experience who still actually do the work every day!

We have hundreds of properties operating right now successfully facing HOTMA changes!

Plan for your staff to finish the course making the transition to the HOTMA era!

You have heard that HOTMA is a top-to-bottom change to how many forms of affordable housing will operate. This includes the LIHTC, HOME, and NHTF programs. How will HOTMA affect how we operate these properties? How can we make a successful transition?

You need outstanding HOTMA training released weekly in small enough pieces to avoid overwhelm and encourage application right away!

With decades of experience adapting to change, we can provide that!

Note | Sponsored by Ohio Housing, but good for all states

Get on the Wait List When the June Course Registration Opens

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Our Three-Step Process for Success

Weekly Sessions Released on Tuesdays

A new module shows up in the online course. Once available, students can participate in the lesson at their convenience.

  Modules usually involve a video of from 5 to 15 minutes and a quiz that must be passed to move on in the course. Each lesson will be accompanied by a worksheet with information, exercises, and links to helpful documents.

The total time commitment is generally about 30 mins a week.


A Follow-Up Quiz Released on Thursdays

This online quiz tests retention of the concepts for the week and keeps the information fresh in mind.

A leaderboard introduces a bit of fun competition to the process. Words of encouragement are also included. 

These quizzes can be taken on computers, phones, or any internet-enabled device. 


Monthly Live Webinar "Office Hours" and Q & A

A fun and practical Costello instructor will facilitate a semi-structured discussion with lots of time for Q&A.

The first hour will provide additional lessons and targeted intermediate or advanced examples of the concepts from the prior four weeks. Then the session will be open for Q & A with the students via chat. Depending on the number of persons in attendance, the opportunity to participate on video may also exist.

Have to miss a session? No worries. A recording will be available shortly after each session. 



✔  Super-Affordable |
We are offering this run of the course at a deep discount. After this run, the course will sell for over $300. For about 12 hours of training (including a lot of live Q& A) and all the extras, it will be a value at that price. It is unlikely that you will ever see $199 for this course again. 

  Eliminate overwhelm | Learning takes place in manageable pieces at the learner's own pace.

✔  Convenient and cost effective | The elements of the course are online and this eliminates travel costs associated with in-person training. 

✔  Concepts can be applied between lessons | Science tells us that adults learn most quickly when they can apply the lesson as soon as possible. Each module includes suggestions for ways to apply that week's concepts right away. The in-person webinars will also focus on various ways learners applied the lessons. 

✔ Built-in encouragement for stragglers | Emailed reminders keep learners on track.
 Good for both new and seasoned staff |
Regular live webinars provide intermediate and advanced application for more advanced staff. 
✔  Allows for social learning |
One element of online on-demand learning that many miss is the social aspect. Many learn best in a social environment. The live discussion encouraged at the webinars meets this need. 

✔ Learners' questions are answered live | Opportunities to ask all questions and follow-ups are provided at the office hours webinars.   

✔ Regular contact keeps training top of mind | Two or three contacts a week keeps content fresh in mind. 

✔ Review as much as needed | During the duration of the course, all previously released modules, materials, and recordings of office hour webinars will be available for review. 

✔ Social learning opportunities  | There is a social aspect to most adult learning that is missing in online on-demand training. Our live sessions allow for discussion among the group for enhanced learning and social interaction for those that learn better that way.

"I've paid more for a 4-hour webinar, and this provides much more training and support. If you have confidence in your new hybrid platform, why offer it at such a discount?"

That is a fair question! There are a couple of answers. Primarily, we see such a staggering need for HOTMA training that we cannot begin to meet using our old methods. With such an urgent necessity for our industry to move very quickly and efficiently, we looked for a constructive way to help the industry into the HOTMA era and realized that the hybrid system that we had been developing now has a time and a place. Hopefully, we have removed a pricing barrier during these crucial months as our gift to the industry and people we have spent our careers serving. 

Second, while we have built this hybrid system, we have had hundreds of students on the online on-demand section of the platform and thousands on the quiz and webinar sections. This is only the second time that we have combined these systems into one cohesive course for maximum student success. We have extensively tested the combination, but we hope this course will be joined by many for a large-scale run-through.  As the second cohort of students will be partners in testing out all aspects of the platform and will be encouraged to provide feedback, we want to reflect that partnership in the pricing.

Get on the Wait List When the June Course Registration Opens

One-person registration above. Need to purchase access for multiple persons on a team? Go to the bottom of the page for more options.



Participants Receive Super-practical Takeaway Materials

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